Neuroeducation: a new science for school?

The 6th conference of the Association for Research in Neuroeducation will be held on June 6-8, 2018, at the Sorbonne in Paris, France, and organized by the Laboratory for the Psychology of the Child Development and Education of the CNRS and the Paris Descartes University. The first day will consist of general public conferences (in French only) around the topic of "Neuroeducation: a new science for school?", and will aim to share and discuss the latest progress in the field of Neuroeducation with students, teachers and other experts in education. The goal of this day will be to strengthen the links between the members of the educational community by facilitating the exchange of ideas and expertise and the dialog between the lab and the school. In addition to conferences given by several researchers in developmental psychology, education sciences and developmental cognitive neuroscience, round table sessions will allow to reflect on the future school et the participative cognitive science.

The scientific symposium, aimed at researchers, will be held over the following two days (Day 2 and 3), and will aim at presenting the findings of researchers who manage to reconcile the constraints of the cognitive neuroscience techniques with the investigation of questions in the field of school and university education .


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